Curb + Key Realty

Realty that cares.

Haven of Hope, Bolivia

Curb + Key Realty supports and educates home buyers and sellers to make the most informed decisions.


The Project Vision

Curb + Key Realty recognized the importance of creating a cohesive brand. The Curb + Key team expressed to us that they wanted the whole package: A logo, business cards, letter head, and website.

The Plan

We use a tried and tested methodology. We use 3 lenses to help us frame the design thinking process.


The Process

1. Gather Insights

  • Observe

  • Gather and share Insights 

2. Conduct Planning & Design Thinking Workshop

  • Ideate - Generating lots of ideas quickly and choosing the right ones to move forward with. Our mindset here was to be open

  • Prototype - Making ideas come to life by building something rough and rapid. Our mindset here was build to think. 

  • Iterate - Repeating ideation and prototyping over and over to refine the idea and move it forward. Our mindset here was to experiment our way forward. 

3. Design & Build

Once we've agreed on the finalized prototype we designed a logo that is attractive and cohesive to the company brand. Once the logo was created we put together a style guide that would keep branding uniformed as we moved forward. We then designed company marketing collateral consisting of a professional realty business card and company letterhead. This led us to the final step which was to take everything we learned throughout the process to design and build a website that tells the Curb & Key story.

Style Guide

HOH, Bolivia

Marketing Collateral



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