Curb + Key Realty

Realty that cares.

Haven of Hope, Bolivia

Curb + Key Realty supports and educates home buyers and sellers to make the most informed decisions.


The Project Vision

Curb + Key Realty recognized the importance of creating a cohesive brand. The Curb + Key team expressed to us that they wanted the whole package: A logo, business cards, letter head, and website.

The Plan

We use a tried and tested methodology. We use 3 lenses to help us frame the design thinking process.


The Process

1. Gather Insights

  • Observe

  • Gather and share Insights 

2. Conduct Planning & Design Thinking Workshop

  • Ideate - Generating lots of ideas quickly and choosing the right ones to move forward with. Our mindset here was to be open

  • Prototype - Making ideas come to life by building something rough and rapid. Our mindset here was build to think. 

  • Iterate - Repeating ideation and prototyping over and over to refine the idea and move it forward. Our mindset here was to experiment our way forward. 

3. Design & Build

Once we've agreed on the finalized prototype we designed a logo that is attractive and cohesive to the company brand. Once the logo was created we put together a style guide that would keep branding uniformed as we moved forward. We then designed company marketing collateral consisting of a professional realty business card and company letterhead. This led us to the final step which was to take everything we learned throughout the process to design and build a website that tells the Curb & Key story.

Style Guide

HOH, Bolivia

Marketing Collateral



Future Partner Orphanages
“We worked with Oikonomia Creative from the inception of our team to help launch. They were there for several ideation sessions to develop the brand logo, tagline, style guide, letterheads, business card, social media visuals, brand voice, coporate social responsibility, and much more. They basically helped us develop and build the concept in preparation for our 2019 launch. It was a very collaborative approach throughout. We then worked with them to build a beautiful website that everyone we had beta test it said the user interface is simple and intuitive. I would recommend their service to anyone looking to build or relaunch their brand. It’s good to work with a company that feels as invited in your success as you are.”
— Leo Jean-Baptiste, Owner